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Kastanitsa is a mountain village in Arcadia, built on the slopes of Parnon at an altitude of 840 meters.

It belongs to Tsakoochoria, that is to say the villages founded by Tsakones. It is located near the borders of the counties of Arcadia and Laconia. It is 72 km from Tripoli and 65 km from Sparta. The closest villages to this are Sititanapou 6km north and Prastos 7km east. The population of the village is 402 according to the 200 census. The village retains unchanged elements of the Tsakonian tradition and has a traditional settlement was proclaimed.

 Historical data
Kastanitsa was founded by Tsakonians who fled to the mountains of Parnon during Slavic raids on the Peloponnese in the late 6th century AD. It is mentioned for the first time in a document of 1293 AD. and is the first Tsakoohori to be mentioned in writing. Kastanitsa was built on a strategic passage, for the protection of which a castle was built at the top of the hill, above the settlement whose ruins are still preserved. There are references to the village during the Turkish occupation. The village gave its present in the revolution of 1821. The Kastaniots resisted the forces of Ibrahim, who invaded the area in 1826, saving the village from destruction.

After the liberation, it was originally the seat of the municipality of Saitini, which was abolished after a few years of operation and was incorporated into the municipality of Vrasia.

The village is perched on a slope of Parnon, at an altitude of 840 meters. It is built along the neck connecting two hills. It maintains the traditional Tsakonian architecture unchanged with the typical tower houses with local slate roofs. At the top of the north hill above the settlement, there are ruins of the old tower, built by Byzantines of the Despotate of Mystras in the 14th century for the purpose of fortifying the area.


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