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In Northern Kynouria and at the foot of Mount Parnon, we find Ano Doliana.

Ano Doliana (or Doliana) is a stone-built village in the province of North Kynouria in Arcadia. In the winter, it is inhabited by a few settlers, as most winter in Kato Doliana and many return to the village in spring. At the 2011 census it had 90 residents. In recent years it has experienced a mild form of tourist development and during the winter it receives a significant number of visitors, mainly on weekends. They are at an altitude of 1,050 meters, built amphitheatrically and have been characterized as a traditional settlement. Just outside of Doliana there is a location wrapped in green and with incredible views of the settlement. It is that of St. John, amidst a forest of chestnut, oak and plane trees where there is the homonymous chapel. Along the road, right next to the road, is the stream of Ai Giannio, which forms a small waterfall. The inhabitants of the village stay in Lower Doliana in winter and return to the village in spring. According to tradition, on April 23, they take the image of their patron Saint George and go to Ano Doliana. On the first Sunday of November they return to the lower village. During the revolution of 1821 and specifically on May 18, the Battle of Doliani was given near the village. In this battle, Nikitaras, who held the Ano Doliana 200 men, managed to repel the 6,000 Turks who were fired. In this battle, Nikitaras took the name Turcophagus, because according to tradition, he killed many Turks. The traditional product of Doliani are chestnuts, which the locals collect in autumn. Every first weekend of November, the chestnut feast is organized. The Doliana with its cobbled streets, stone-built houses and the unique view of Mainalo and Helmos, rightly feature the balcony of Arcadia. The accommodations in the area are all traditional architecture with excellent services, and there is also a standard tourist village.

Capsia Cave

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The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one

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