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Situated in the heart of Mainalo, at an altitude of 1033 meters, Vytina is one of the oldest and most famous tourist resorts in the Peloponnese.

Its name derives from the word "bottom" because it was originally built between hills.
In the central square of Vitina you can visit the Folklore Museum in a ground floor building, where many interesting and interesting old objects of everyday life are displayed. You will also find the library of Vitina, a public library built in 1800 in the old stone-built Korasidon School. It has remarkable historical material as well as modern technological equipment. Also dominant in the square is the Metropolitan Church of St. Tryphon. It is a magnificent church, built in 1846 by black marble of Vitina on the ruins of an older church.
Vitina is the birthplace of many historians and intellectuals. Among them are the historian of modern Greece and writer Konstantinos Paparigopoulos and the law-scientist Vassilios Economides. The bust of the first is in the central square and the second in the small square of the homonymous village.
From the Primary School begins the Road of Love. It is a long road with tall trees. Tradition on this road was once the village's "bridle market".
 Today an important attraction for Vitina is the Ostrakina Ski Resort in Mainalo, as it is only 13 km. From Vitina you can visit other beautiful villages, most of which are characterized as traditional settlements and characterized by a dynamic presence. of the beautiful Mainalo forest.

Capsia Cave

Kapsia Cave is located about 1.5 km north of Kapsia village and 15 km away from Tripoli, in the prefecture of Arcadia and is considered one of the most remarkable caves in Greece.

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Toggle Switch Rail - Kalavryta-Vouraikos Canyon


The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one

of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country.

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