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Kleitoria (rarely referred to as Lower Kleitoria), better known today even under the older name Mazika, is a large settlement (Kefalohori) of Achaia in the area of ​​Kalavryta.

It is located in the southeast of Achaia in the middle of the plain of "Katsana" or "Mazikeo" (now Aroaniou) and is surrounded by Helmos. It is 25 kilometers from Kalavryta, 98 kilometers from Patras, 200 kilometers from Athens, and 60 kilometers from Tripoli. Its present name derives from the ancient Klitoras. Kleitoria is built amphitheatrically on a small hill where the river Kleitoras flows into Aroanio.

Prior to the 1821 revolution, the residents of the nearby village of Mazi had gardens and fields, some had huts, which is why they called the area "Massa Kalyvia" . After the revolution, the inhabitants of Mazi moved to Kalyvia, building the current capital village called Mazaiika . Very quickly from 1830 it became a major commercial center of the region and a transport hub . Constantine Panopoulos originated from the Mazes.

During the German occupation and on December 14, 1943, the German army looted and burned much of the village as part of Operation Kalavryta.

Capsia Cave

Kapsia Cave is located about 1.5 km north of Kapsia village and 15 km away from Tripoli, in the prefecture of Arcadia and is considered one of the most remarkable caves in Greece.

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Toggle Switch Rail - Kalavryta-Vouraikos Canyon


The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one

of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country.

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