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Mainalo Ski Resort is located in Ostrakina of the homonymous mountain, about 30 km from Tripoli

and 162 km from Athens. Access is easy and the road is smooth, which makes it a particularly popular destination. Not sure of the larger ski resorts, but it is ideal for families with children as it is a relatively mild mountain and ideal for excursions.

This ski resort has been operating since 1965, offering a variety of activities, from winter sports and snow games to relaxing on the central chalet overlooking the beautiful mountain.

Mount Mainalo dominates the center of the Peloponnese and belongs to the prefecture of Arcadia. Its ski center is located on the Ostrakina plateau, at an altitude of 1,580 m. It has direct access from the Athens-Tripoli and Tripoli-Pyrgos national highways, and its proximity to Tripoli (30 km) and Athens (165 km). ) makes it a popular destination for those who love winter sports and excursions in general in snowy nature.

The Menalos ski resort is the second oldest in the country, after Celio, in northern Greece. It belongs to the Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Tripoli, and started its official operation in 1968, and had officially started operating four years earlier. The first lift was installed in 1965 and two years later a more modern, factory lift was installed, which served the center for more than 35 years. For a decade, from 1968 to 1978, the Menalou Ski Resort hosted the Southern Greek Championship, as it was considered ideal both in terms of center organization and snowfall conditions.

Since the beginning of 2011 significant efforts have been made to reorganize and redesign the center, with the valuable assistance of the Municipality of Tripoli. The aim was to make it an attractive destination and to become a pole of attraction not only to the athlete, but also to the families, who could enjoy the unique nature of Menalo here in all its snowy splendor. It is also important that it was chosen to keep the ticket at a low price so that it was accessible to everyone (at 10 euros the lift card, a fixed price, even on weekends and holidays). The results of these efforts were impressive: in one year the turnout at the ski resort exceeded 80,000 visitors.

Mainalo Ski Resort is open daily from 9am to 4am. It has seven slopes of all levels, serviced by three sliding lifts, one baby, with a capacity of 1,500 people per hour. The center operates two equipment rental shops, an organized chalet and a doctor's office with daily attendance. There are also ski instructors for the less experienced. For the most experienced, off-track trips are also organized, always under the guidance of experienced drivers. Skiing activities, of course, are not limited to the months of snow. The hottest seasons include other activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, etc., with the aim of taking full advantage of the beautiful nature of Menalo throughout the year.


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