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Orchomenos was a city of ancient Arcadia, one of the largest and oldest.

For a time it was the seat of its kings. It was founded by Orchomenus son of Lucca. Homer mentions him as a polynomial.

It was one of the cities that surrounded Megalopolis and in the Roman era cut its own coins. It was a walled city with a theater, market, boulevard and shrine of Artemis with its stone statue and a sanctuary of Neptune with a stone statue as well. The sanctuary of Artemis is made of dark cedar and this proves its antiquity. A prehistoric tomb and a bridge of archaic times are still preserved.

The Orchomenus Theater is one of the largest in the ancient world, built in Hellenistic times. In the field of theater, besides performances, rallies were held in honor of Dionysus.

Near the Orchomenos was, according to tradition, the tomb of Aristocrat and Penelope.

At the Kalpaki site, behind the Orchomenos hill, are the remains of a medieval castle that has incorporated materials from the archaic fortification of the city.

 Today the ancient city has been excavated and is accessible. It is located near Levidi village.

Capsia Cave

Kapsia Cave is located about 1.5 km north of Kapsia village and 15 km away from Tripoli, in the prefecture of Arcadia and is considered one of the most remarkable caves in Greece.

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Toggle Switch Rail - Kalavryta-Vouraikos Canyon


The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one

of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country.

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