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The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country. It has been described as the most spectacular railway line in the Balkans.

The toothpick was inaugurated in 1895 and was constructed to connect Diakopto by rail to Kalavryta. It was one of the most difficult projects of its time, due to the extremely difficult terrain, but also to the high altitude at which it ended up as the toothpaste is the highest mountain in Greece. To overcome these difficulties, the railroad was built with the jagging technique in which the train is hooked to the rails on routes with a slope of more than 10%. The railroad crosses the Vouraikos Gorge, passing through tunnels and bridges over a length of 22 kilometers. It is still used today for touring one of the most beautiful train routes in Greece.

 The construction of the network began in 1889 and was inaugurated on March 10, 1896. In addition to the study and design of the network due to French technicians and the French contractor Aton, many Italian workers with experience in the mountains were employed in the project. Railway in the Alps. Due to the inaccessible soil and the poor technical means of the time, the whole project turns out to be much more difficult than the designers had calculated. Nevertheless, the project is considered a constructive feat, even with today's data.