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Kalavryta Ski Resort or Helmos Ski Resort is located on Mount Helmos, near Kalavryta. It has eleven slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, at altitudes between 2,330 meters and 1,700 meters.

Topology and Nomenclature
Chelmos is a mountain range in northern Peloponnese extending over much of Achaia and a smaller one in the Prefecture of Corinth. It is located in the northeast part of the former province of Kalavryta and its highest peak is 2,355 meters.

Named after the nature of the mountain itself as winter is the "snowy mountain". It is also called "Aroania Mountains", a name already known by the ancient Greeks, thanks to the river Aroanios, which originates from its slopes, in an area of ​​exceptional beauty near the village of Planitero.

The ski resort is located on the north side of the central volume of Helmos, while its base is - via the local road network - about 14 kilometers from the town of Kalavryta.

Mythological elements
The mythical waters of Stigos are well-known and refer to many ancient myths. First of all, it was thought that the river was running through the underworld and Pausanias had called it deadly for mortals. Iris as the messenger of Zeus was the only one who could travel between the two worlds carrying the "holy water" to the Gods.

In the waters of Stygos, Nereida Thetis bathed her son Achilles to remain immortal, leaving him with only one vulnerable spot, the heel from which he was held.

In the waters of the Stigos, the Gods swear by their most sacred oath. Anyone who attended it no longer participated in their councils but could not enjoy nectar and ambrosia for ten whole years.

Finally, in the waters of Stygos the Sun was sworn to fulfill the desires of his son Phaethon. So when Phaethon asked him to lead his chariot, he could not refuse, resulting in the inexperienced and inexperienced young man causing his death.

The creation of the Kalavryta Ski Resort was an idea of ​​Panos Polka, who served as mayor of Kalavryta from 1974 to 1990, with the aim of promoting the development of the region based on tourism. The Helmos Mountains have always been a attraction for mountaineering and skiing enthusiasts and the idea was promising, but was met with skepticism. Thus, Polkas created the first municipal enterprise in Greece, according to European standards, to exploit the project. The Kalavryta Ski Center opened its "gates" to the public in the winter of 1988. In 2002 the Kalavryta Ski Center was named after the creator of Panos Polka, with the aim of commemorating himself after his sudden death.

In Kalavryta the visitor can reach via the road and rail network:

By road network
From Athens: The distance between them is 188 km. Route to Patras via Olympia Odos, then turn left at Kalavryta, at the height of Bank (Punta) Diakopto, then turn towards Kalavryta (33 km distance). from the exit) and from there to the ski resort.

From Patras: The distance between them is 73 km via Chalandritsa (Patras-Kalavryta EO) and 88 km through Olympia Odos.

The distance between Kalavryta and Ski Resort is approximately 14 km.

Ski Bus Access
Both Athens and Patras operate frequent stops and hubs to serve a larger proportion of the residents of the two major cities from which they originate. Itineraries are operated by modern travel agencies and ski shops.

Through Toothpaste
In Kalavryta you can reach the visitor via the railway network using Diakopto Cog Railway through an idyllic route to the Vouraikos Gorge.

Capsia Cave

Kapsia Cave is located about 1.5 km north of Kapsia village and 15 km away from Tripoli, in the prefecture of Arcadia and is considered one of the most remarkable caves in Greece.

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Toggle Switch Rail - Kalavryta-Vouraikos Canyon


The Diakopto-Kalavryta Tooth Railway and its unique route through the gorge of the Vouraikos River are one

of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country.

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